History of Horticulture in Europe

The first international symposium on the History of Horticulture in Europe invites you to recover the past, for understanding the present and to highlight the future of horticulture.

It will bring details on the formation, existence and development of the National Horticulture Societies/Associations and the role of major personalities that paved their road till now.

The evolution of different horticultural crops and sectors through time with their background to everyday life through centuries, will be another focus point of the symposium. Special attention will be dedicated to forgotten crops, species or practices, but essential to a local resilient and sustainable ecosystem.

Main Topics

  • The history of the European National/Regional Horticulture Societies
  • Personalities in the history of horticulture
  • Horticultural crops through history – dynamics in cultivation technologies and valorization
  • Recovering of lost crops, species and old practices for a sustainable and resilient future

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Ana Cornelia Butcaru

Researcher on fruit growing and agroecology within the Research Center for Studies of Food Quality and Agricultural Products. Responsible for the development of Research-Development-Innovation Partnerships at the Center for Technology Transfer - Agrobiolife, USAMV Bucharest and involved as General Secretary of the Romanian Horticulturists Society.

Michael Blanke

Senior researcher at the University of Bonn with historical data on phenology and climate change and significant results on ecophysiology of fruit trees, climate change effects in orchards including frost, chilling, crop covers such as hailnets (apple) and polytunnels (cherry), light reflectors in orchards, carbon and water footprinting, sensor technology for fruit quality assessment.

Luca Dondini

Dr. Luca Dondini, Associate Professor at DISTAL, University of Bologna. Research focused on fruit trees genetics, expertise in phenotyping and genotyping in fruit tree species (apple, pear, peach, apricot, cherry and chestnut), development of markers linked to monogenic and polygenic traits, genome mapping, genetic diversity characterization and gene identification.

Scientific Committee

Alina Florea (Romania); Ana Butcaru (Romania); Arina Antoce (Romania); Dorin Sumedrea (Romania); Edgars Rubauskis (Latvia); Florin Stănică (Romania); Ion Marian (Romania); Ion Scurtu (Romania); Jasminka Milivojevic (Serbia); Luca Dondini (Italy); Madalina Butac (Romania); Maria Cantor (Romania); Marian Bogoescu (Romania); Marian Velcea (Romania); Mihaela Georgescu (Romania); Mihail Calin Mares (Romania), Michael Blanke (Germany), Olimpia Iordanescu (Romania), Robert Veberic (Slovenia), Sina Cosmulescu (Romania), Vera Dobrescu (Romania)

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