Bucharest City Tour


Date: Monday, May 20th 2024 & Tuesday, May 21th 2024
Group size: mini : 15 / Maxi : 25
Registration fee with audio kit included: 16€
Duration: 45mn/1h from 7.30 pm


Combine your congress participation with guided tours to discover Bucharest !


The country’s capital is bursting with excitement, beauty, and mystery, and is fast becoming one of the trendy destinations in Eastern Europe.

From its origins as a summer home for royalty, the city has blossomed into a haven for arts and culture, particularly renowned for its beautiful buildings. But it also offers more contemporary attractions as well, including amusement parks, interactive tours, and an active nightlife scene.

So whether you want to go medieval or modern, you’ll find plenty of awesome things to do in Bucharest!


Bucharest City Tour is an optional service for EHC participants and companions.

The service is outsourced.
For registration and payment, please write a message on WhatsApp to the phone number +40.722.635.861 or by email to carpatia@carpatiatour.ro /and gelu.irimia@carpatiatour.ro

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