TECHNICAl Tour S7 - Vertical Farming

Day Tour S7: Vertical Farming

on May 14th, 2024

08:45 am - Departure from House of Parliament to the visit site (Ploiești City - ULTRAGREENS)

A bilingual tour guide will accompany participants during their trip.

10:00 – 12.45. Visit the Ploiești GreenHub, the largest microgreens facility in South-Eastern Europe, ULTRAGREENS Romania

Ultragreens is the first Romanian producer of microgreens, and currently the most appreciated in area. The company was established in 2014 and it has been expanding since, due both to its products and to its customer-oriented services. In early 2018 the company started the development of an indoor vertical farming technology, named MicroSera. This technology was installed in some Metro and Selgros stores (2019), Kaufland (2020), Cora (2021) and in Carrefour (2022). In 2023, the technology of MicroSera was launched on the Bulgarian market, and the Ultragreens BG office is handling all operations from Bulgaria.

In 2022 Ultragreens has developed a new concept of indoor vertical farming production, by building the GreenHub facility in Ploiești, which is a bigger model of MicroSera, from 6.5 sqm to 1250 sqm, scalable, ready to be located anywhere in the world. The facility can produce microgreens and leafy greens regardless of local climatic conditions.

12:45 Departure to the second visit site

13:00 - 14:30 – Lunch – Just Shushi Restaurant. Sushi and much more, Bobâlna 15, Ploiești

14:30 – 17:00 - Departure to the second visit site. Indoor Farm Tătărani

Ultragreens is the SEE vertical farming pioneer, taking horticulture to new horizons and setting goals to develop technologies and know-how to enhance the health benefits of all current horticultural crops. Ultragreens strength rise in controlling the environment: water, humidity, temperature, lighting, nutritious content, as well as various machine learning and AI technologies. Its mission is to provide more sustainable and localized agricultural production, while its vision is to make healthy food available for everybody.

In 2024, Ultragreens plans to launch in Romania one of the largest vertical Green Hubs in Europe, a fully automated production process on 6,500 sqm, 12 production levels and a ground footprint of 864 sqm. The very innovative component of this project is that the germination and growing operations are fully automated and managed by a complex software solution. No people are working in the space dedicated to germination and growing, therefore the risk of contamination with pests is reduced to almost zero, due to various filters before germination and in the growing rooms. One consequence is real zero pesticide crops and 100% clean food.

Another consequence is that the farm can use higher levels of CO2 in Growing space without any risk to the personnel. This allows crops to grow faster and to have a bigger yield.

17:00 - Departure to Bucharest

18:00 – Arrival in Bucharest

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*50 seats available

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