S09. Robotics, mechanization and smart horticulture

This symposium will capture the latest methodological developments and applications in robotics, mechanization, and smart horticulture. Research related to technologies that aid in fine-tuning crop production practices are welcome. Specific focus is given to technologies for site-specific weather and crop monitoring, controlling light use, irrigation, nutrients, crop protection and crop canopy as well as load management. Papers that integrate sensor and actuation technologies in robotic and mechanized systems, including those exploring agrivoltaics, are also captured.

Main topics

  • Optimizing light, water, nutrients, and plant protection use efficiency by means of robotics, mechanized systems and plant data
  • Integration of data and models for decision support
  • Experience from pilot/demo farms exploring digital agriculture concepts
  • Crop stress sensing- both in open and protected environments with real-time decision support by harnessing IOT concepts, network connectivity, edge/cloud computing
  • Miscellaneous
  • Advancements in Machinery and Mechanization for Horticulture
  • Automating Horticulture through Innovations in Robotic Harvesting, Planting, and Pruning
  • Exploring Agrivoltaics in Horticulture

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Luigi Manfrini

Luigi Manfrini is an assistant professor at the Agricultural and Food Sciences of the University of Bologna. He focuses his research on the application of new technologies and precision management coupled with the effects of the environment on fruit tree physiology with the aim to develop new strategies to improve orchards sustainability maintaining high levels of quality and yield. Currently involved in national and international projects addressing issues related to precision management implementation, sustainable fruit production and efficient resource use. Secretary of the EUFRIN Working Group on “Decision Support Systems”. Author of more than 100 publications in scientific and professional journals, PhD in precise fruit orchard management (since 2009) and M. Sci. in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies (since 2004).

Konni Biegert

Konni Biegert is the group leader of the plant physiology and technology group at the Kompetenzzentrum Obstbau Bodensee located in the second largest apple growing region in Germany. She pursued her PhD in the department of horticulture at the Hochschule Geisenheim University focusing on the prediction of internal browning of apples based on the application of sensors and modeling. She is working in international and national applied research projects. Her work focusses on the integration of new technologies in horticulture production and implements interfaces not only of systems, but also with companies and players in decision support systems. The latest research in this context is a data networking project “Apfel4.NULL”.

Mihai Gabriel Matache

Mihai Gabriel Matache is scientific director at the National Institute of Research – Development for Machines and Installations Designed for Agriculture and Food Industry – INMA Bucharest. At the base is automation engineer, having a PhD in Mechanical engineering, with application in agricultural machinery. He is also scientific researcher degree I, being principal investigator in several applicative research projects within which were developed electrically driven agricultural machines prototypes, using artificial intelligence for their control. Currently is focused on robotics and artificial intelligence designed for smart horticulture.