Postharvest is an essential link between horticultural production and the market and final consumer. There are so many aspects related to postharvest with a major influence on the final product quality, that have to be discussed.

Our symposium will provide an excellent opportunity for participants to present their research in postharvest and horticultural products quality like: preharvest factors, novel technologies for storage and minimal processing, ripening and senescence, product quality and safety, entomology and plant pathology, plant physiology and biochemistry, testing and quality control, biotechnology and engineering, modelling, economics, social, nutrition and human health, education, etc. It will be highly appreciated the novel fundamental and interdisciplinary research that addresses biological, technological, and socio-economic issues that impact postharvest technologies and horticultural products quality.

Main Topics:

  • Advanced postharvest technologies of fruits, vegetables and ornamentals
  • Trends in quality of horticultural products (preservation, management, safety)
  • Effects of preharvest management on postharvest quality of fruits, vegetables and ornamentals
  • Postharvest biochemistry and physiology of fruits, vegetables and ornamentals
  • Horticultural products quality evaluation and preservation (methods, non-destructive testing, acreditation, policies, challenges)
  • Postharvest pathology, disease control, treatments, value-addition
  • Postharvest management (technical, economic and administrative issues)
  • Modelling of biological systems, technological proceses or energy demands
  • Innovative packaging and new materials
  • Effects of horticultural products quality on human health
  • Sustainability of postharvest technologies (economy, quality, energy, social aspects, education, integral and organic production, etc.);

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Dirk Köpcke

On the one hand due to his practical training and working history he has a strong practical experience in fruit production, controlling and business consulting about more than 25 years. On the other hand, he has an extensive research background of 16 years. During his research career he was able to gain strong experience in initiating, coordinating and leading research projects on fruit production and storage. Thus Dirk has both the understanding of practical fruit growing but also the theoretical knowledge in research and science.

Liliana – Aurelia Bădulescu

Prof. Liliana – Aurelia Bădulescu is a Professor of Plant Physiology, Biochemistry, and Horticultural Products Quality at the Faculty of Horticulture in Bucharest and the Head of the Department Bioengineering of Horticultural Systems. She is the Director of the Research Center for Studies of Food and Agricultural Products Quality within USAMV Bucharest, and her expertise covers research areas including plant physiology, molecular plant physiology, plant laboratory techniques, chromatography and elemental analysis (ICP), post-harvest technologies, biodiversity, ecosystems development and interactions.
Primary focus on post-harvest technologies is on the research concerning the improvement of the storage capacity of food products, the analysis of food products quality through non-destructive techniques, the identifications of biological control techniques for specific storage pathogens, and testing of post-harvest treatments to improve the storage capacity.