Savini Gianluca

Title of paper: Raspberry primocane and floricane genotype, different plants type and fruit cycles manipulation 

Savini Gianluca (PhD), director of raspberry breeding program and advisor office in Sant’Orsola
S.c.a, Italy. Presently the Chair of ISHA’s Rubus and Ribes Working Group and Convener of 14 th
International Rubus and Ribes Symposium on July 2027, in Pergine Valsugana Italy.
Apply research in berries eco-physiology, focus on in flower induction and interaction from
genotype an environmental to management to extend fruit production in different climate to
obtain constant production around the year.
Management of advisor activity for berries growers to improve berries soilless production for
increase water use efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Program S06

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