Jana Zinkernagel

Jana Zinkernagel (née Schaller)

Professor and Head of Institute of Vegetable Crops at the Geisenheim University, Germany

Coordinator of the WG Fertilization & Irrigation of the European Vegetable Research Institutes
Network (EUVRIN) since 2019

Board member of the Society of German Horticultural Science from 2011-2019

Fields of research & interests: Hydro physiology of herbaceous species with focus on the interaction
of plants with soil and atmosphere under changing environment. Irrigation scheduling of open field
vegetable crops, impact modelling of climate change, soil resilience in cropping systems towards
climate shocks, innovative technologies and processes for resource-conserving and ecological
cultivation systems, transdisciplinary and participatory research.

Co-convener of the 7. International Symposium on Irrigation of Horticultural Crops (ISHS)

Program S06

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