Craig Verzone

Craig Verzone is co-founder of Verzone Woods Architectes, a collaborative multi-
disciplinary studio working within the overlapping realms of landscape, urban design, and
architecture. Their work highlights the interdependence and reciprocity between building
and open space. Extending practice into research and looping results back to project
development is part of the process, as deployed in their first public space mandate, in
1996, for the redesign of the landscape at the foot of Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation in
Briey, France. Since then, Verzone has continued testing hypotheses and implementing
design at a wide variety of scales from 1:1 prototypes for new urban furniture to regional
studies such as the cantonal landscape masterplan for the 6’000 square km of Vaud,

Challenges regarding complex urban contexts, compromised natural systems and tense
human exchange fuel ongoing thinking. Current active projects include the construction of
a 9 hectare urban-agro park in Geneva as well as a new dense neighborhood of 1’200
residents near the Morges train station. The ruderal entry garden of Fribourg’s new Natural
History Museum and the landscape of Bluefactory Technology and Innovation Campus on
the historic Cardinal Brewery site are also in the works. In addition to new project
prospection, design and construction oversight, Verzone co-manages the business of
VWA studio and is shaping its future leadership.

About the topic
Urban food production is fraught with obstacles : finding available fertile land, assembling
favorable conditions and nurturing competent project stewards. Thanks to intelligent
planning and thoughtful proposals, food production can and does find home in the city and
will increase urban quality. Codified typologies, tools, evaluation methods and strategies
help conceptualize and illustrate applications of urban agriculture methods.