Bruno Mezzetti

Title of paper: Breeding strategies for new resilient cultivars for berry production

About 30 years of academic and research career have focused on different aspects of genetics, genetic improvement, biotechnology and cultivation systems in order to improve the sustainability and quality of fruit production, with particular attention to the possible benefits for the health of the consumer. These activities included the integration between laboratory studies for the application of new biotechnological techniques (cisgenesis and RNAi) and field studies, in different cultivation conditions, to determine the genetic and environmental factors that determine the sustainability and quality of the productions, in particular for strawberry and other berries. Particular attention was paid to the compositional analysis of new products to better determine the components of safety and nutritional benefit for the consumer. He is the author of more of 230 scientific publications (SCOPUS H-I: 50), of numerous book chapters, manuscripts, and non-indexed extension publications. Prof. Mezzetti coordinated 6 European projects (COST, FP7 and Horizon2020) and numerous national projects from public and private institutions. In 2009-2015, he was director of the Agricultural Sciences department of the Polytechnic University of Marche. Since 2015 he has been Director of the Doctoral School in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences of the Polytechnic University of Marche. He received from Web of Science-Clarivate the recognition of Highly Cited Researcher (among the 1% of the most cited researchers in the world for agricultural sciences) for three years (2019, 2020, 2021). For these merits, in 2021 President Mattarella awarded him the honor of UFFICIALE of the Italian Republic.

Program S06

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