Angelo Zanella

Angelo Zanella is a dedicated researcher and professional currently holding positions at the Research Centre Laimburg (Italy) as head of the Institute for Mountain Agriculture and Food Technology and as leader of the Research Group for Storage and Postharvest Biology, furthermore he is lecturer in the latter field at the Free University of Bolzano.

He was educated in both the Italian and German spheres.  University study of Biology in Austria (PhD) led to specialization in microbial physiology, especially in biohydrometallurgical processes, involving him in several research projects and university teaching activity.

His research focus in the last two decades is in the domain of advanced postharvest technologies, including preharvest management, investigating the effects on postharvest physiology, disease control and quality, furthermore on innovations in quality evaluation and non-destructive testing of horticultural products. He participates actively in national and international projects addressing critical issues on the intersection of new technologies. For many years chair of the working group Postharvest Quality within EUFRIN. He contributes to the academic and professional discourse with numerous publications in scientific and professional journals.

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