Did you know ?
The particular history that connects the City of Angers to plants can be traced to at least the XVth century, beginning with the introduction and adaptation of Mediterranean plants by the King René.
Those roots still live on today: Angers, “Plants Capital” not only benefi ts from an extraordinary quality of life as the first green city of France, but also concentrates every segment of the horticultural sector including education and training courses, production, research, innovation etc.
On the opportunity of the hosting and organization of the International Horticulture Congress (IHC), Angers will outline its expertise, stakeholders and plants related projects : urban development, smart territory, citizen engagement… Come and get to know more about it at our Angers Supernature stand.


Innovation at Bayer CropScience is at the heart of everything we do.

By advancing new solutions in crop protection that complement and enrich our vegetable seeds business, we provide farmers with tools they need to grow profitable, high-quality produce for a growing world.

Through digital transformation, we enable farmers to increase their profitability by implementing precision farming practices, optimizing resource use, reducing agriculture’s impact on the environment.

We’re investing to build strong, trusting partnerships beyond the farm with our grower customers and food chain stakeholders to understand their needs and develop solutions that help prevent food loss and heighten consumer appreciation.

At the workshop Bayer will announce the global launch of two novel crop protection products to strengthen IPM control of insects (Plenexos) and downy mildews (Xivana).

The outcomes of the research- partnerships will be discussed along the digital enabled Root2Success concept for vegetable growers mastering soil health, improve productivity while reducing the environmental footprint of the production through adoption of optimized genetics, biological crop protection and digital tools.

Are you interested in these innovations?  Register at the following link here.


Created in 1986, SITIA is an engineering company
recognized in Tests Rigs & complex Robotics Systems.
Thanks to our extended expertise panel, we are able to
develop complex and reliable solutions, from design study
to commissioning on-site.
Since 2014, SITIA launched its mobile robotic department,
from which was created TREKTOR, the fi rst hybrid
autonomous tractor for specialized agriculture market
(horticulture, vineyard and orchard). TREKTOR exists
as well as a 100% ROS open version called TREKTOR
LAB, dedicated to research centers such as university or
agricultural institute. TREKTOR LAB is aimed to give a
versatile robotic platform to match their research program
while ready for industrial transfer. Our aim is to accelerate
the innovation from research to agriculture people giving
them a reliable, safe and autonomous tractor.

Designing Hope

This year, the IHC Congress invites the association Designing Hope to present its "Porte Bonheurs" project in a scenography of textile flowers designed by South African fashion designer Thebe Magugu, and sewn by vulnerable women supported by the NGO in Southern Africa.
The sale of these flowers finances the "Garden of Skills" project in Eswatini (the new name of Swaziland).

The initial exhibition and sale of these flowers in the Le Bon Marché department stores' in Paris in 2021 generated a significant income for the 120 women involved in their sewing, but the profits from the operation also made it possible to finance the setting up of an ambitious project benefiting these women: the Garden of Skills.

On a one hectare plot of land acquired by Designing Hope in Malanti, Eswatini, a large agroforestry vegetable garden has been set up in 2022, alos hosting:

  • a training centre for sustainable agriculture techniques,
  • a greenhouse for the production of organic seeds,
  • a training workshop for sewing and handicrafts with a local market,
  • a kitchen equipped for processing and preserving the garden's vegetables and hosting nutrition awareness workshops.
  • A house for volunteers wishing to share their skills and contribute to the running of the garden by developing a solidarity-based eco-tourism.

The sale of these flowers at the IHC conference will contribute to the running costs of the Garden of Skills.


With over 30 years of experience (since 1987), we are today fully specialized in servicing plant science laboratories and plant-based industries. Our customers have spread out globally to over 65 countries on six continents. 

We provide product and service solutions for small/start-up labs, up to the largest production labs focused on plants and plant-based products. We can offer 7,000+ products, and growing, to support your laboratory activities.

If customers have very specific needs, questions, or when additional support is required, our team collaborates with various scientific, lab and product specialists that are available in our network.



Founded in 1838 in the heart of Anjou, Hortival Diffusion is the specialist in production of ornamental trees, shrubs and perennials. With more than 1,400 varieties, it is one of the most important European productions and the very first in France for specialized distributors: nurserymen, garden centers and landscape companies. Hortival Diffusion is present at IHC through the entity FPB (Formidable Plant Breeders), its department dedicated to varietal innovation. Thanks to its own breeding programs and licencing agreements with numerous partners around the World, FPB creates today new trends that will inspire customers and drive the different plant markets.


Founded in 2016, Synlyte is incorporated with a single mission in mind: to develop innovative, cost-effective, and original applications for light in Biotechnology and Medicine.

Synlyte has an established global network of leading scientific consultants and subcontracting labs to forward its research agenda spanning the following fields:

  • Synthetic Biology
  • Agriculture
  • Ornamental Plants
  • Medical Applications
  • Educational Products
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Pet and Acquarium Products
  • Wellness Products
  • Space Exploration
  • Biotechnology

Synlyte has versatile production capability using an extensive network of manufacturing subcontractors. Prototypes of new products are featured on our Web Site.

IHC 2026

The Japanese Society for Horticultural Science (JSHS) and the Organizing

Committee of International Horticultural Congress 2026 (IHC2026) warmly welcome

you at this booth. You will find various information about IHC2026 planned to be

held at the Kyoto International Conference Center (ICC Kyoto). It has been more

than a quarter of a century since the IHC was held in Japan at the same place

ICC Kyoto in 1994. In the meantime, Kyoto has become tourists friendly city with

the extended subway lines, increased English, Chinese and Korean signs for

visitors, more hotel rooms for travelers, and etc. Moreover, prices in Japan are

much lower than they were in 1994. If you are interested in IHC2026, please come

join us to learn more about IHC2026 and Kyoto, one of the oldest traditional

cities in Japan.