VEGEPOLYS VALLEY is an international plant cluster gathering actors of the whole plant sector, from genetics to using. Implemented in 4 French historical attractive regions (Pays de la Loire, Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Bretagne, Centre Val de Loire), the cluster facilitates connections and synergies between its 500 members. For a larger and better production, the cluster boosts and supports the innovation co-designing from upstream to downstream. Aware of the environmental, economic and social stakes, VEGEPOLYS VALLEY is a leading international plant cluster for more competitive, qualitative, environment and health-friendly agricultures. The cluster supports an average of 70 innovative projects per year (nearly 1,000 projects with a potential investment of €3 billion) on significant axes such as: Varietal innovation and seeds and plants performance, Plant health, New technologies and practices for cropping systems, Urban Agriculture and Landscaping