Innovation at Bayer CropScience is at the heart of everything we do.

By advancing new solutions in crop protection that complement and enrich our vegetable seeds business, we provide farmers with tools they need to grow profitable, high-quality produce for a growing world.

Through digital transformation, we enable farmers to increase their profitability by implementing precision farming practices, optimizing resource use, reducing agriculture’s impact on the environment.

We’re investing to build strong, trusting partnerships beyond the farm with our grower customers and food chain stakeholders to understand their needs and develop solutions that help prevent food loss and heighten consumer appreciation.

At the workshop Bayer will announce the global launch of two novel crop protection products to strengthen IPM control of insects (Plenexos) and downy mildews (Xivana).

The outcomes of the research- partnerships will be discussed along the digital enabled Root2Success concept for vegetable growers mastering soil health, improve productivity while reducing the environmental footprint of the production through adoption of optimized genetics, biological crop protection and digital tools.

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